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We just need a few details about your clinic, and then we’ll get you started with PetPro Connect™.

Note: If you are enrolling multiple clinics, please fill out a separate enrollment form for each clinic and be sure to provide a unique Point of Contact email and a unique login email for each clinic. If you also share your Practice Management System, please ensure that you have selected “Yes” to “Do You Share Your Practice Management System with other clinics.

Integrate PetPro Connect™ with my Clinic *
PetPro Connect requires integration with your clinic's practice management software to sync pet records to the mobile app.

Let us help get the word out to your clients about PetPro Connect™ *
To help tell clients about PetPro Connect™, I give permission to send automated PetPro Connect™ emails and SMS messages to clients that reference my clinics name. These messages will urge pet owners to download the app and connect with your clinic.

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